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 Here is where you'll find special information, straight from the actual studio team!

  Well, we're possibly the newest one out there. Our "Official Declaration of Studio-ness" happened to fall on Cirno Day (09/09/09), which is partly why Cirno is our Studio Mascot. Another reason is that we're an extremely small, currently under-equipped, scatterbrained (Our members are currently spread widely across the country) studio, overshadowed by much bigger studios with more experience. We are pushing forward, fueled by nothing more than sheer determination, possible oblivion, and an optimistic belief that we will someday become the strongest, accented by our cute but occasionally problematic faults. This is what ties us so closely to our  mascot.

  Someday, we will have a nice little building to work in with some pretty desktop computers and a couple laptops with all the right software, a fancy printer, and other bits of neato equipment, but until then we will make things work as they are, with a tight networking system, a few bits of severely outdated technology, horrible internet access opportunities, tons of paper, and special things called pencils. (Amendment: Things have vastly improved since this point, and we now have stable internet connection, several computers to work from, at least two tablets for the composition of digital works, a few cameras, a sign, a pile of supplies and materials for smaller crafts, and an arrangement with a local store that would allow us to set up a small table on occasion!)

 For the time being, there are only six studio team members, One "NPC", and Cirno. And sometimes we like to leave actual comments, notations, or statements on the actual site. When we do that, you'll see a "Quote Sprite" that will indicate who is speaking, as well as colored font. For the time being, they are selected from the Touhou doujin game "Patchcon; Defend the Library!" and are as follows:

Cirno: "I pop in from time to time and mention fun little things about the current subject! Since I can't actually help the group with physical stuff like drawing or whatever, I try to help by being like the in-team reporter! Maybe Aya will get jealous. Hehee!"
Alrisandre: "My purpose here is to be the courier. I send, receive, and gather information, and may occasionally share that information with you. I work very closely with Kitaen, sometimes being a spy or something. The information I gather goes directly to him, and then through him it goes to the rest of the team.
 Kitaen: "As the founder and owner of the studio itself, my job is to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible, and that my fellow studio members and I can act well as a team. I take care of many facets that make up this gem of a studio, including but not limited to; illustration, writing, editing, producing, directing, planning, scheduling, and... well, pretty much supervising the whole process. Not to mention keeping it all fun! The notes I would leave behind could pertain to anything. They might be important, but they are just as likely to be unimportant as well. To determine this, however, you must read them for yourself."
Soren: "I'm probably the least wordy of the group, but if I leave a comment or note behind, it's likely to be important... Likely."
Hobb: "I'm not going to say I told you so... but I fuckin' told you so. Oh, hello! Where was I? Right, introduction. I am a Jedi, my name is Hobb. Some call me Steve, others call me Jubal. If you have any questions about Ghost X Machina or need any help pertaining to this site, ask someone else. Someone, not me."
Slink: "I have what is probably the most difficult job out of all of them here. Being mated to Kitaen. This usually involves me keeping him motivated and focused on the task at hand, as well as helping him with major projects. I also act as the studio's "scribe", recording the events that transpire at meetings, as well as other things that need recording. I am not sure what sort of notes I may leave behind, if any at all."
Eidolon: "I am the business end of business, taking care of the business part of the business. This means I am quite busy. With busy things. I handle the press and media, as well as the scheduling and event planning. Notes left behind by me are likely to pertain to said events."
Sanceria: "While my position in the studio is still pending, I would be a writer and editor for many of the studio's works. Similar to Hobb, I would be the one behind the quality of the written end of productions, such as the novels and manga, as well as the scripts and storyboards. Any notes I would leave behind are likely to be appendages to existing notes,  clarifying or expanding and explaining further upon what has already been said."
Sabita: "My position here is pending a positive interview... don't mind me just yet."
Fluffeh: "My position here is pending. If accepted, I will likely be doing a lot of improving to the site itself."

~Under Construction~

Studio Blog Entries

Newsy things...

Eidolon: Eh.... How do you work this thing, Oh! Wait I see now. Well anyways... Hi, it's Eidolon here. Lately, we have been setting ourselves up in Super Fly, selling our goods and whatnot. We have also been having great success in networking so far.…

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Slink: "Right then. Anyhow, yes, 'tis I, the Slink. I figured that I ought to make an entry since I am to be the scribe of the shenanigans that Kit and Eidolon come up with during our meetings. I'm here to bard those messages to you all.

As you might…

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At least it's not raining...

Hobb: "Oh, wait. Yeah it is."

"Anyway, I just decided to post this on here to see how long it would take anyone to notice. And I changed a few things. Also, I have pre-ordered Halo: Reach from GameStop, which I cannot wait to play. And entered to win…

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Random shoutings!

Hobb: "This is empty..."

"So, I guess this was just for a random test of the basics... Therefor you can disregard the random shouts above."

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Oh look, our first blog entry!

Cirno: "This is the blog post. It describes our daily junkity things, like updates and stuff. Sometimes it may mention mining for fish. Try to disregard any occasion of useless babble, or get enjoyment from it, whichever you choose. This is kinda a f…

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