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Kitaen Silva

Owner / Founder

Fox Knight

My mind and my paws are my blades, and with a great "HUZZAH!!" shall I swing these blades to create waves of powerful story and sound. Brace thyself for a movement!

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Minecraft: HolyCrumbs (temporary)


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Steven W. Hobb

Writer / Editor

Sacred Guardian

My pen is my Whip, which I wield with knowledge and wisdom. With my utensils, I weave dreams into words, and stitch worlds together as though ink and pen were needle and thread.

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Soren B.

Graphic Novelist / CG Artist

Bunny of Books

I am the wolf with the skill to bring clarity and life to written word. My stylus and tablet are the hammer and anvil. With my tools, I bring the story from it's blunt shape and sharpen it into beauty.



Behance: N/A yet.



Mascot / Strongest Ice Faerie

I'm the life of the party here! I should be the star, but because of legal stuff and things about copyrights, I'm not allowed to be just yet. But you just wait! I'll be there someday! Anyway, I don't exactly have any contact information, as I'm supposed to be the Studio Mascot, and I don't live in your realm and all, but I can give directions and stuff like that! See, the studio itself has several places to be contacted as a whole!


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Alrisandre Margaletrisame

 Slink Zeenith

Scribe / Recorder


Eidolon Abbington

Business Manager / Resident Policeraven

Sanceria Flores

Pending Member


Sabita Naifu

Pending Member

Fluffeh Kitteh

Pending Member


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