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Newsy things...

Eidolon: Eh.... How do you work this thing, Oh! Wait I see now. Well anyways... Hi, it's Eidolon here. Lately, we have been setting ourselves up in Super Fly, selling our goods and whatnot. We have also been having great success in networking so far. We might have an area we can set up a gallery here soon! Everybody keep your eyes peeled and see what we might have in store! We will eventually create a calendar and post it on this web thingy here and let you know when and where we will be, just to make life easier for everyone. That is it for now; I should really come up with a catch phrase or something. Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or send an e-mail


Slink: "Right then. Anyhow, yes, 'tis I, the Slink. I figured that I ought to make an entry since I am to be the scribe of the shenanigans that Kit and Eidolon come up with during our meetings. I'm here to bard those messages to you all.

As you might have seen on the Book of Faces, Kitaen, Eidolon, and I, will be setting up a table of art to sell by the three of us, we will not be selling the originals, simply reprints. Eidolon, being dubbed the "Business end of the Business" is in charge of, in a word, documenting the event is a business-like manner, I, being the scribe and Treasurer, will handle the physical form of income and document the event in a more, viewer-friendly fashion, Kit, being, well, Kit... will, be himself... and sell things... to people.

Now that that's out of the way, allow me to explain the reasoning behind our setup. We are currently living in Yellow Springs, OH, and this weekend, June 11th, is what we natives call "Street Fair". Street Fair is a biannual celebration of everything the town and it's residents have to offer. while the normally heavily traveled roads are blocked off and rerouted to make the now heavily intensive foot-traffic less dangerous, the middle of the streets are filled with duel-lined rows of booths with various oddities and valuables. People can walk all around the middle of downtown and be amazed at the various things people have to offer for sale or trade, and the stores get a lot more traffic as well. One such store is Super-Fly Comics and Games, a store that i hold dearly to my heart, as i have been a regular customer for almost six years now and I've formed pretty good friendships with the owner and employees. Because of this trust for the store and it's ownership, we have decided to set up shop there, in Super-Fly, during Street Fair so that we may sell some of our art and at least get the name of the studio into people's minds so that perhaps we can get more customers of our own. We have already confirmed that we will be alowed to set up a tabe in the store during Street Fair, and we hope to have business cards made by then with the website url on them, so that more people may come here. After a while, we hope to upgrade our business card format to something more flashy and desirable, like Pawstar's.

In any case, it appears I've been talking for quite some time now, and I suppose I should get going now, i just wished to inform you all of this undertaking and I hope that it'l at east be interesting to hear about if not helpful. I'll be bringing a video camera with me to the store during the time we're at Street Fair, so there should be a video of it up on the site soon sfter, GhostXMachina's first live event. I hope you all are as excited as we are. ^_^"

At least it's not raining...

Hobb: "Oh, wait. Yeah it is."

"Anyway, I just decided to post this on here to see how long it would take anyone to notice. And I changed a few things. Also, I have pre-ordered Halo: Reach from GameStop, which I cannot wait to play. And entered to win one of five Life-Size Spartan Statues, as seen at E3, which would be awesome, but very unlikely for me to win one. And on a final note, I have received conformation from UltraSabers that the Lightsaber hilt I ordered has been shipped and should arrive by next Thursday (8/26). It'll be made o' metal this time around, so I should not have all the problems I had with the PVC one I had been using ('til it broke). It'll also have a Cyan blade, which is as close to Teal as I'm probably going to get, for now at least. Anyway, once I have it, I'll be starting up my Saber routines again, and hopefully get in better shape in the process."

Random shoutings!

Hobb: "This is empty..."

"So, I guess this was just for a random test of the basics... Therefor you can disregard the random shouts above."

Oh look, our first blog entry!

Cirno: "This is the blog post. It describes our daily junkity things, like updates and stuff. Sometimes it may mention mining for fish. Try to disregard any occasion of useless babble, or get enjoyment from it, whichever you choose. This is kinda a filler post, stating that we're here, we've made the site, we've done extensive work to the site, etc. Our future blog posts will definitely be more... fruitful. We have little to no content yet, as we haven't rallied the content yet. I'm supposed to be out on that, with a frozen lasso. Currently, Yuna is working on her project "All I Need",  Steve Bloke is working on his projects  "Tales of Red Apple" and "The Airship Chronicles", while Kitaen works on the fanfic "Beyond Border Gensokyo" and our Character Archival." -tosses a bunch of paper- "At least that's what Kitaen says. I'm not sure what half of it even meant. Mining for fish? I only do that sometimes. And sometimes I go tree hunting, too. But that's beside the point. The point is probably, "WE'RE HERE! YAY! LET'S PARTAY!" and stuff.  Anyway, it looks like I need to wrap up this whatsit and see what else I can do. Baii~!"

Random shoutings!

Hobb: "This is empty..."

"So, I guess this was just for a random test of the basics... Therefor you can disregard the random shouts above."

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