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Kitaen: "This page is where we will place any music made by our members. As far as I am aware, I am the only one with content to place here. I am not entirely sure how I will lay this page out, exactly... for now, the easiest method is to upload the songs as youtube videos, at least until I can figure out how to embed silly little media players. All music will be available for download upon request. On second thought... I do believe SoundCloud is a suitable means to this end. Players will be color coded to match the individual it belongs to. Yellow, for example, would be tracks that I have made. Lavender, would be tracks that Slink has made, and so on."

Cirno: "Hey... I've heard better music coming from frogs, Kit. Just before I freeze them, that is. What gives? "

Kitaen: "No need to insult me! Most of my work posted below is unfinished. Not to mention that I am an amateur at best. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to the music I make, but I still have fun, and I still make music nonetheless. I don't expect to amaze anyone, but if I can enjoy the music I create, I am sure that someone else out there would love to listen as well. So why not share it?"

Sanceria: "Hmmms... Perhaps someday, I will place a few of my musical musings on this page. Someday."


Descent to Mystery - WIP by Kitaen Silva

Defend or Dash - WIP by Kitaen Silva Spiral Spires - WIP by Kitaen Silva Engage the TSF Pandemonium! by Kitaen Silva Alpha Atrocities - WIP by Kitaen Silva Satellite Standards - WIP by Kitaen Silva

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