It's a shop... I mean trap!

Kitaen : "So, this is where I will be setting up the shop in which we sell our creative wares and merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled here, because I for one have a fair number of things to place here already, just have few things to sort out before I can actually do so. Currently, I intend to make and sell items that compliment items made and sold by PAWSTAR's awesome crafters."
Cirno : "So, wait a minute. You are making cool stuff that people can buy? I heard there were cookies involved." 
Kitaen : "Yes, I am making cool stuff that people can buy. The list of items is still growing, too! Lots of nifty accessories for cosplay, or even everyday wear! And the idea of selling cookies IS being tossed around the team... Two freshly-made cookies in a bag for 50 cents!"
Hobb: "We sell things? What a surprise! I'm going to have to start marketing my modded Star Wars figures. Tell me, is it too racist to have a black guy's head for a left hand?"
Kitaen : "Umm... I don't know about it being racist... but I do think that would fall into the 'slightly macabre' category. And I don't think that selling figurines with a pitcher of milk where the noggin should be, and Mace Windu's head for a left hand would prove to be very practical. Amusing, maybe... but not really all that reasonable to warrant listing it as a salable object. Though I am quite sure someone would purchase it."

Available Items:

Kitaen: "What? Nothing here?? Well this is disappointing... At least things will be here soon!"

Slink: "Unfortunately, we do not have any stock for our craft items at the moment. We are taking requests, though! Ask for a request form after looking through what we have available, and we'll make just what you seek! And we always have our artwork available! We do have reprints of some of our pieces available immediately, we are accepting commissions, and can easily get reprints of other pieces, so please ask! Commissions will be worked on throughout the day, so we encourage you to return on occasion to see the progress!"

Kitaen: "I take my last statement back. We DO have custom badges available immediately! Fill out a request form to tell us what you want on it, and we'll make it for you!"
Eidolon: "There is a rule about the custom badges, however. We cannot use existing art for copyrighted or reserved characters. Meaning we can't print off an image of Tails and turn it into a con badge for you. Well, we physically are capable of it, but legally, we should not. And so we will not. There is a way around this, however. If you truly wish for a con badge of Tails... or Hatsune Miku... or whoever... we will draw it. We will also be required to place the necessary credit information on it somewhere. If you wish for a badge of Hatsune Miku, we are required to credit Crypton Future Media for the character's creation and design. If you wish for Tails, we must credit SEGA. Etc. etc., and so on. This also means we cannot use existing images for the badges."

Balrog "HUZZAH!" Event Badge - 7$

Double Rainbow Event Badge - 7$


Custom Items:

Kitaen: "These items are made strictly to-order. Each item has its own set of things that can be customized, so please ask for more information. For custom items, we ask for a portion of the price be paid up-front. This is to deter people from making prank requests, causing us to waste time that could have been spent on actual customers. This amount is about 50% of the total cost of the item. Upon completion of the item, you then only take care of the remaining 50%, and the item is yours! We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we assure you that it is only a security measure.”

Eidolon: "Since each request would take a varied amount of time to complete, we cannot set a time frame of when you would receive your completed request. We will inform you via the preferred contact method indicated on your request form. If you wish, we can send you digital 'progress report photos' of your item so you can see how it is coming along, and if the item is looking as anticipated."

Custom Magnets – Small = 8$, Medium = 12$, Large = 17$

Custom Friendship Pins – 8$

Custom Event Badges – 10$ for B & W, 15$ for color


Unavailable Items:

Kitaen: "The items listed here are unavailable for one reason or another. The most direct reason is listed next to the item. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. "
Eidolon: "However, though these items may be currently unavailable, you may still file a request for these items. Because we are uncertain of when we will be able to create new stock for them, we cannot set a time frame of when to expect your completed request. If you have a request filed with us for a certain item, that item receives priority, depending on the chronological order in which the request was filed, and we will inform you via the preferred contact method indicated on the request form as soon as new stock has been made. The transaction can then be completed, and your order picked up or shipped."

Event Badges – Pending Stock (Prices: 5$ for B & W, 8$ for color)

Magnets – Pending Stock (Prices: Small = 5$, Medium = 8$, Large = 12$)

Chibi Wings - Pending Materials (Price: N/A, To Be Determined)

Fullsize Mechanized Wings - Pending Materials (Price: N/A, To Be Determined)

Reverse-Joint Leg Mods - Pending Materials (Price: N/A, To Be Determined)

Surgical Facemask - Pending Stock (Prices: Simple = 7$, Pleated = 12$, Deluxe = 16$)

Cyber Dreads – Pending Materials (Price: N/A, To Be Determined)

Friendship Pins – Pending Stock (Price: 5$)



Future Releases:

Kitaen: "These are things we intend to make sometime in the future! We aren't exactly sure when, for various reasons... mostly due to lack of materials. But we fully intend to attempt these things as soon as the funding and materials will permit us to do so! Keep your eyes peeled!"

Eidolon: "Not to mention that we haven't made prototypes of a few, so we aren't even certain we CAN make them... Or if they will be cost-efficient and worth making available for sale..."
Slink: "Ooh! I think this would be a good spot to place suggested items! So... If you have any suggestions of things we should make and provide, ask us for a suggestion form! We want to hear from you!"


Buttons – Pending Equipment and Materials (Intended Prices: Small = 1$, Medium = 2.50, Large = 5$)

Stickers – Pending Equipment and Materials

Fullsize Wings - Pending Materials and Prototype

Armwarmers - Pending Materials

Stockings - Pending Materials

Bracers - Pending Materials and Prototype

Gauntlets - Pending Materials and Prototype

Vambraces - Pending Materials and Prototype

Pauldrons - Pending Materials and Prototype

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