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Beyond Border Gensokyo


Unraveling Boundaries of Sustaining Pages

Written by: Kitaen Silva

Take witness to the events around four small groups as their two realms begin to merge

unexpectedly, with very unpleasant effects. Two young boys with a passion for videogames

find their gaming skills put to the test as they hurry to unravel the mystery behind a series

of strange disappearances from their realm of Mercatia. Four magically powerful girls find

that they have been accidentally locked out of Gensokyo, the realm they call home, and

must learn how to survive in the wrong realm until they can discover a way to get back

to Gensokyo. Meanwhile, a group of people left behind in Gensokyo mustrally all

Gensokyo residents together and push their magical powers to their limits by trying to

keep the whole realm from collapsing in upon itself and everyone in it. Meet the

ancient power responsible for the whole catastrophe, and join the group who serve it's

cause. Will anyone be able to stop this ancient madness before it's too late? Is Gensokyo

doomed to disappear? Find out in Beyond Border Gensokyo!

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Tales of Red Apple


? :First Book: ?

Written by Steven W. Hobb


 MyrroGardeé continues its never-ending cycle of change as forces beyond mortal

comprehension begin to alter the fate of the world and those that live in it in ways

more profound than ever before. Durand Faustine, a Huen male in his early twenties,

must travel the lands of MyrroGardeé and beyond in order to stay ahead of the

change and hopefully set things right. Along the way he will meet friends and allies

both new and old, and make a multitude of enemies as things begin to turn from

bad to worst. With impending war fast approaching, will they be able to stop the end

of the world, or be swept away with it? Find out as the epic Tales of Red Apple begin!

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